We offer all Servicing and Maintenance contracts specifically tailored to the client. This includes any forced stage maintenance (projectors, lamps, cleaning etc..) as well at time specific maintenance according to the Boat or Villa Schedule. For example, quarterly visits timed around the Boat Seasonal Schedule and Atlantic Crossings.
As well as having access to our dedicated and qualified technicians – clients gain the advantage of automated system monitoring to ensure your entire system is running as it should. This includes:
·        Business hours email support
·        Back to Base (AV RIVIERA Offices) alarms for system notifications using iHiji support network
·        Business hours web portal support
·        Experienced qualified technicians at 24h, 48h or pre-determined time callouts
·        Daily system health checks
·        Daily or weekly reports by email
·        Access to all client documentation including System Programming, Schematics and Designs
·        Service level agreements
·        Full After Hours Support where requested
Starting from basic IT and system consultancy to complete 24/7 Support, an AV Riviera service contract can be shaped to meet all client needs, making technology issues a distant memory.