La Bergerie - Villa Upgrade, Mougins France

This retrofit project provided many challenges for our design and engineering teams to overcome. The client had specific expectations of how the new system should function and an extensive list of sources that they required to be available throughout the property including a self playing grand piano. There was a specific brief that we should remove the old congested overheating equipment racks from within the house and move the new equipment to a purpose built air conditioned, hermetically sealed rack area which was to be built outside in an unused area. We were fully involved with the specification and building of this area which now houses 4 purpose built equipment racks all powered and backed up with an online battery UPS system to ensure equipment performance is not degraded by the poor power supply in the area. At the heart of the new system is a 32x32 Crestron Digital Media system which distributes the 20 HD video sources to the many connected rooms of the Villa both inside and outside. For this project AV Riviera were awarded the Best Digital Media System by Crestron the world leader in automation systems.

Since the completion of this project we have maintained the system and upgraded various areas as new technology has evolved. Our quarterly maintenance visits have enabled us to keep all equipment firmware up to date and ensured the system has remained reliable for the client by fixing any problems before they become an issue. We have upgraded the system to iPad control when it became available and now the client is looking towards a 4K video upgrade which will be straightforward thanks to the compatibility of the current equipment and installed infrastructure.