While the Marine Sector generally caters for a wide range of Clients using one system, we recognise that the Residential Market is very client specific and we ensure that this need is always met primarily. We ensure that the clients full range of technology requirements are met from Entertainment, Internet, Wifi Networks, CCTV to Security and Extended Audio Systems.
Most importantly, we ensure that all our Interface Designs work with the Client, not against them. They are always involved in the design and features of the Touch Panel interface which allows a seamless end user experience and no hidden buttons that don’t make sense.
Many of our large Scale Residential Projects have Centralised Distribution of not only Video and Audio Sources, but also Network and WiFi systems throughout the property. We ensure these centralised spaces, or IT Rack Rooms, are fully features with everything they need to run smoothly. We have won many awards in this area for our continuous management of the Centralised Racks.
We also have many clients we work with across their entire Property Portfolio, from properties in Central London to the French Riviera, Alpes and beyond. By working simultaneously with all these properties we ensure the client can seamlessly move between them with the feeling that they are still in the environment. This takes shape in the same interface design & general layouts, service contracts and WiFi passwords across the board as well as many other features.